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The Learning and Experience Acquired: A Study of my Past

I am Hamza! Born in 2002 and proudly Moroccan.

Having lived in an artistic environment, I turned to photography which I exercise as a passion in parallel with my studies at the University Al Akhawayn to Ifrane for a bachelor’s in SHSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences). I continue my studies in media communication and production as a major and psychology as a minor. With my passion and my life in the field of art, I found myself more attracted to the field of audiovisual (cinema, videography, photography …), at this time I began to develop and expand my skills and knowledge to achieve my own artistic projects in the field.


    2021 - Present

    Director in charge of
    Development and Communication

    Startup Olympus - Ifrane, Morocco

    Responsible for the image of Startup Olympus, Social Media Manager and creator of media content (Facebook, Instagram).
    Founded in 2021, Startup Olympus, the first student-run startup in Africa, aims to help develop the business ideas of young future entrepreneurs.


    2022 - Present

    Small Business Owner

    L'VISION - Marrakech, Morocco

    My orientation, my passion, and my experience in the field of audiovisual. have led me to create as a self entrepreneur a structure or media and realization around audiovisual projects (podcasts. short film, photography…)

  • HM.XV

    2020 - Present

    Small Business Owner

    HM.XV- Marrakech, Morocco

    Passionate about style in 2022 I created a clothing brand, linked to my artistic projects as a photographer and stylist.


A Photographic Odyssey

Capturing the essence of every moment.

Art is a part of my life that will never change. I started taking pictures when I was 15 years old, and since this age, I’ve had a love of photography. I was looking for a way to capture memories from my life so that I could remember them forever.

Passionate about photography, I wanted to create sets that would allow me to express myself through emotions and atmospheres.

After that, I wanted to create my style and my signature. in quarantine 2020, I got some inspiration and I create my first project ” tribute to the hand “. This project has a lot of expressions, especially hand expressions, and you can see it in different ways. I’ve donesome portrait projects with my close friends.

Videos Projects

Video Project

CHANGES Hamza Amrani

In this video, you are going to face many questions that do not have answers in the video. The goal of it is to make you think about many things that might seem obvious but are very complicated in reality.

STAY AT HOME Mohamed Mourabiti

Alliance par défaut Hamza Mourabiti



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